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Jul 27 2021

Monday July 26, 2021 – Having fun with some prints for the kids. These are all articulated prints that print as one piece.

The Road To Success Has Many Failures

Jul 27 2021

Monday July 26, 2021 – We printed some bed supports to keep the print bed from shaking as the hot end moves back and forth. The first attempt didn’t work out so well. The first 20% was ok but the raft started warping and eventually the hot end knocked the…

Filament Bunker Update

Jul 23 2021

Friday July 23, 2021 – Filament bunker update. We tested these and they work great! In a previous post we explained what these are and why they are important. Now they are being utilized for daily printing and seem to be doing a great job. This enables us to be…

The possibilities are endless…

Jul 23 2021

Thursday July 22, 2021 Took a break from functional prints today and printed this thing! Because who doesn’t need a giant scorpion for their desk? This is our favorite print so far and it’s still only week 1. This scorpion printed with all it’s parts already linked together. Amazing!

Filament Dry Storage Print

Jul 22 2021

Wednesday July 21, 2021 – Finished up the first of four filament dry storage boxes today. Filament degrades as it absorbs moisture from the air. Even in a New England basement the humidity level has been in teh mid 40% range. This box took the humidity from 44% to 10%…

BL Touch Auto Bed Leveler

Jul 21 2021

Tuesday July 20, 2021 – Today’s other accomplishment was getting this BL Touch installed. One of the most important aspects of a successful 3d print is having a level bed. This device makes accomplishing that fast and easy. The problem is that the motherboards used in these devices vary from…

Success! – Glass Flash 1.0

Jul 20 2021

Tuesday July 20, 2021 – If at first you don’t succeed, try again, and again, and again, and again… This little light may seem insignificant, but taking a concept from your mind and designing it in a virtual 3d environment and printing it out to have and to hold is…

Glass Flash 1.0

Jul 20 2021

Monday July 19, 2021 – Just started playing around with Fusion 360 this week. This is the first prototype we came up with. It will slide onto the arms of our glasses and house a mini LED flashlight. Great for keeping your hands free while utilizing a light for projects.…

Filament Bunker

Jul 20 2021

Monday July 19, 2021 – 3D Printing filament absorbs moisture over time that can deteriorate it. This print-in-progress (an 8 hour print) will be placed into a DIY dry box with silicate and hydrometer to ensure our spools last long enough to use them. Filament is still cheaper than regular…

Who is worthy?

Jul 20 2021

Monday July 19, 2021 – Are you worthy? This Excalibur print was supposed to be a pen that you could put ink into. The tip printed warped so we just glued it into its rock and called it a day.